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A Very Long List of


(What can we say? They like us.)

Jon Manuel

National Director of Production and Imaging, iHeartMedia | National Programming Group

"With literally MILLIONS of pieces of audio, it would be incredibly intimidating to work with were it not for the amazing search functions baked into the Alpha experience."

Rick Petersen

Production Director Beasley Media Group Fort Myers, FL

"The library is massive, with a multitude of search capabilities.  It makes the chore of looking for production music so much easier.  We love it! ” 

Don Jacobs

Market President/VP Townsquare Media/ Sioux Falls, S.D.

"Alpha Libraries is MASSIVE. It’s so easy to use even the Market  President uses it.  The best part, our Sales Team uses it and they’ve turned great sounding production from it into $$$$."

Matthew Florence

Program Director/Morning Show Host Wild 106.1/Pop 102.1/KRKC Country

"Alpha Libraries provides us with everything we need to keep our clients happy, as well as giving us the tools we need to make our everyday creative sound amazing.”

Randy Brooks

KIX 102.5 Program Director Zimmer Radio Joplin MO

"Alpha Libraries make finding your perfect element a breeze...and there is so much variety that your production will never have the cookie-cutter sound of a single production-studio library!"

Cliff Dumas

CMA, ACM & CCMA Award Winning Hall of Fame Broadcaster Buck Owens Productions

"Alpha Libraries is simply an epic resource. In order to create and elevate content."

Jake Kaplan

Director of Imaging and Sound Design / Audacy Los Angeles

"For specific types of beds to the perfect promo bed, it’s super easy to search and find tons of options for whatever project I’m working on. "

Jason Dildine

Director of Production, Audacy Seattle

"I’ve said it before and it remains true to this day, (Alpha) is the best production library in existence.” 

Michael T

94.7 KUMU Production Director PMG Honolulu

"I've been in radio forever, and I've seen many production music libraries. Some of them are very good. But Alpha Libraries for Radio is beyond good."

John Kerry Wallace

Audacy Commercial Producer, Philadelphia, PA

"The last three awards I've won were spots using Alpha Libraries music and SFX. I can create anything the client wants with Alpha Libraries. The best in the business."

David Savino

Premiere Networks ~ iHeart Media NY ~ Delilah

"Wonderful selections ... great tempos ... perfect for me to create and build with as I pick and choose which musical selection will best fit the material we are presenting. Every time ... The best I always find what I need with your service!!!!!!"

Darrin Marshall

Production+Creative, Washington, DC & Baltimore Region HOT 995 SAG-AFTRA Shop Steward iHeartMedia Markets Group

"We've been using Alpha Libraries at iHeart/DC since 2015, and from cinematic scores to sound effects to artist soundalikes, nothing has come close to matching Alpha’s catalog."

Bryan Simmons

Operations & Programming Manager, Global One Media.

"I cannot stress enough what a wonderful tool Alpha Libraries is!"

Charlee Robles

Operations Manager at TheDrop303, Operations Manager at KUVO Jazz, Denver CO

"Alpha Libraries is by far the best sound effects and music library on the market in my opinion."

Kenn McCloud

APD / MD Buck Owens Production Company / KUZZ Bakersfield

"Alpha just stood out as the very best for radio production and imaging!"

Jim McKenna

Creative Director, iHM Washington, D.C. | 97.1 WASH-FM

”I LOVE your music service. I always thought our previous library was the best. However, after using Alpha Libraries for Radio for a couple of months I was a convert. "

Jamie Hyatt

SRVPP iHeartMedia Honolulu 

"Alpha Libraries for Radio has taken our stations in Honolulu to the next level in sound production."

Pete Azarnoosh

Director of Production @ iHeartMedia, San Francisco

"Whatever type of music or production element we need, we find it with Alpha.  Whatever our clientele request, we find easily with Alpha Libraries. "

Malcolm Ryder

iHeart Radio National production producer, Custom Alt producer, Custom Rock, IHM San Diego CSD

"I'm using Alpha Libraries for all my National and Custom production and I'm getting some amazing stuff from you guys ... Thank you for upping everyones game!" 

Thomas P. Fehn III

Production Director, WCBS 880, Audacy | New York, WFAN | 1010 WINS | WCBSFM | WCBSAM ALT 92.3 | NEW 102.7

"What I love about Alpha is they have so many options to help you out."

Steve Curry

Steve Curry Regional Production Director - Audacy / Philadelphia

"Alpha Libraries for Radio has more quality beds to chose from, which helps when  you produce spots for a diversity of formats like we do. If we need it, Alpha has it."

Greg "Harley" Gawronski

Radio Operations Manager, WGEM FM Quincy IL 

"Alpha Libraries makes my life so easy and my audio sound like I've been spending hours on it when I haven't. "

Kerry Collins

Production Director iHeartMedia Hartford

"I love how deep the library is and how the site is constantly updated everyday with new music and sound effects!"

Jack Steele

Production Director-Production Center IHeartMedia-Nashville Region

"This is the most versatile library I have worked with that REALLY meets our needs! I love Alpha Libraries, it's super awesome!"

Kendra Raines

Kendra Raines, Production Director / Townsquare Twin Falls, ID

"I have almost 20 years in the radio industry and Alpha Libraries for Radio is my all time favorite music library. It is the most comprehensive music library I’ve ever used.}

Jason Squires

Director of Programming + on-Air KFRR - New Rock 104.1 + 99.3 NOW FM Fresno

"Alpha Libraries for Radio gives us that edge we need to produce and execute, both for clients and the sound of our 7 radio stations.”

Jon Hemmer

Program Director WMBI Production Services, Moody Radio Network

"As we continue to work in an environment that is constantly changing, it is a blessing to know that we have a company like Alpha Libraries that we can rely on to continue to provide amazing production music that is spot on."

Gavin Bruderer

National Imaging Producer at iHeartMedia Inc.

"Whether it’s music, sound design, or even foley sound effects, I know I can count on Alpha Libraries to deliver the goods."


Big Boys Neighborhood • iHeartMedia Los Angeles • The Intro Man LLC

"Doesn't get any better than Alpha Libraries. Alpha Libraries: their music beds are better than yours. Alpha Libraries: You'll never get access to more TOP TIER original music beds....EVER. Stop reading and sign up already!"

Mike Bell

Production Director - Buck Owens Productions KUZZ Bakersfield 

"With Alpha Libraries I can visualize the music I want for a specific piece and know that I will find exactly what I’m looking for!” 

Jim Hill (Chris Adams)

Creative Director WDEF/WDOD/WUUQ/WXCT Bahakel Chattanooga, TN

"Alpha Libraries is by far the most diverse collection of premium commercial beds on the market."

Travis Kroeger

Director of Production Kroeger Media Inc.  

“We are always looking for new ways to stay fresh and on top of our imaging for our formats. With Alpha Libraries the amount of content at our fingertips to do just that is absolutely astounding. Love it!" 

Johnny "Stockton" Milford

KSTN AM/FM  Stockton, CA

"Alpha Libraries for Radio has simplified and streamlined the process beautifully with their massive collection of music and SFX literally at my fingertips."

Karla Brown

Townsquare Media Sioux Falls

"Alpha Libraries for Radio is the most comprehensive music and SFX library we have ever used."

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